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The Jerk box is made of 2 cm thick multi-layer panels that can withstand tremendous pressure as a way for athletes to focus on improving impact. Fitness boxes are available in four splits with heights of 6/15/30/38 cm, with sturdy internal support for ultra-safe stacking, and stacked fitness boxes are most commonly used in weight training.


  • Fitness box is made of high quality multi-layer board with a thickness of 20mm, which can withstand great pressure
  • Fitness box with double-layer structure and strong internal support frame
  • The inlay is arranged inside and can be safely stacked
  • Each layer has a 3.5 cm high support leg, and can be fixed by 30 screws, for extra
  • Each layer of fitness box on both sides is designed with the hand grip holes, which is easy to grasp
  • The LivePro logo is permanently engraved on the side of each box that will not wear out
  • It is suitable for weight training, for gym/studio/sports team, and is a wise investment for gym


  • Wood

Product weight:

  • 168 kg


  • Box width: 91 cm
  • Box depth: 51 cm
  • Box 1 height: 6 cm
  • Box 2 height: 15 cm
  • Box 3 height: 30 cm
  • Box 4 height: 38 cm
  • Support leg height: 3.5 cm
  • Wood thickness: 2 cm

Please note:

  • Full 18-month commercial warranty against damage
  • Barbell is not included