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Leverage body weight to grow even stronger. Rip:60 is a complete and compact training system that works for people of all fitness levels. Easily adjustable and conveniently compact, trainers can create full body and targeted workouts that combine cardio with strength training. Ideal for any Freemotion FitRig, the easy attachments and adjustments take minutes, while the straps themselves stand up to continuous use and a wide range of weight.


  • Product features:
    • Recommended Attachments:
      • Durable nylon suspension trainer
      • 2 comfortable ankle straps with sliding handles
      • Wall chart
      • Owners manual
    • Other Attachment Options: N/A
    • Frame & Finish: N/A
    • Maximum Total Weight: N/A
  • Product specifications:
    • Standard Frame Colour: N/A
    • Optional Frame Colour: N/A


  • Suspended rotation:
    • The secret to Rip:60™ Training is suspended rotation. Your body is forced to stabilize and balance throughout your workout so you engage more muscle and constantly engage your core with every move.
  • Optimization zone:
    • Each workout offers a beginner, intermediate and advanced position. Extreme body angles create a more intense, challenging workout while smaller angles make the workout easier. If you feel fatigued during your last few reps, simply adjust your angle and keep moving!


  • Innovative education:
    • Integrating both on and off strap movements, the Rip:60™ Education delivers a unique, high calorie-burn workout. The sequencing also utilizes functional training with push, pull, trunk and lower body methodology, working each side equally. This also allows for ample recovery time and faster results.
  • Train like the pros:
    • The science of human performance is the same for everyone. Your body can train just like an elite athlete with the Rip:60™ Trainer. It combines speed, resistance and ballistic movements in just the right order.

Please note:

  • Warranty:
    • Frame (Not including Coatings): 10 years
    • Parts: 3 years
    • Ware & Cosmetic Items: 6 months
    • Upholstery & Padding: 120 days
    • Cables & Labour: 12 months
  • Warranty is not valid outside Mainland UK (we do not offer a warranty in Northern Ireland or Eire)