Due to the ZPros versatile design the turbo will fit all bikes (road, MTB, gravel etc) that have a wheel size within 20in-29in and have quick release (QR) or thru-axel rear wheels. Other rear wheel attachments cannot be guaranteed to fit..

Do you need a thru-axle adapter?

  • If your bike has a thru-axle rear wheel you will need a thru-axle adapter.
  • If your bike has a QR rear wheel you will not need a thru-axle adapter. Everything you need for your bike to be compatible comes with the turbo.

If you're unsure, does your bike have rim brakes? If so, you have a QR rear wheel.

If you have disc brakes, you could still have a QR rear wheel. In this case, does your rear wheel drop out when the rear axle is loosened? If so, you have a QR rear wheel. If not and you have to fully unscrew the axle and pull it through the frame to get the wheel off, you have a thru-axle rear wheel.


Finding the right thru-axle

  1. Pull your thru-axle out and check for dimensions. The majority of thru-axles now have their dimensions printed on the side, it will show diameter (mm), length (mm) and thread pitch (TP or P). With those dimensions skip to Step #4. If you don’t see any dimensions marked on the axle, continue to Step #2.
  2. Measure the length of your axle. Measure the straight length of your axle shaft. Do not include the axle head or tapered spacer, if there is one. We have a Fitment Guide to help you measure, you can either print it out and use it to measure your thru axle or use it for reference. Axle length is not the same as hub length.
  3. Measure the thread pitch of your axle. Place your axle threads on top of the Fitment Guide to find the matching thread pitch. (Double check – did you print the guide to actual size?) Thru Axle thread pitch must match exactly. Determine if it is a 1.0, 1.5, or 1.75 thread pitch.
  4. Use the table below to find the axle you need.
Axle Length Thread Pitch  Reference
Between 154 and 172 mm 1.0 ZYC213
Between 154 and 172 mm 1.5 ZYC204
Between 172 and 178 mm 1.5 ZYC214
Between 167 and 174 mm 1.75 ZYC201
Between 174 and 180 mm 1.75 ZYC211


A bike with a 12×142 hub standard will have a significantly longer axle since it will have to go through the frame on both sides of the 142mm wide hub. If your thru-axle has 142mm for length printed on your axle use 154mm.