URGENT: The new Intelligent Cycling App

There has been a complete new update of the Intelligent Cycling app that connects with the Body Bike Smart+ Indoor Bikes. Just download it and go, no account needed, no data collected. It’s all about your ride.

Here is why it is the best app you can get, for FREE, this Spring 2022.


First things first, this 2.0 version contains a major update.

  • It has brand new colour display features that allow you to personalise your app. There are five colours to choose from: Galactic Green, Outrageous Orange, Blazing Blue, Black Attack or Glorious Grey.

  • The update also includes more live date, providing you with details of your workout instantly. The data can also be seen on your screen when you work out, making it easier to tweak every inch of your performance to the max.

  • Explore the new reward medals in the achievement system and compete in the all-new, club 100 level. Become a Hero or even a member of Club 100 if you have what it takes. The new achievement system provides you with lifetime titles, weekly medals and brutal new levels and challenges that push and motivate you.


The app is there to monitor your personal performance. It has been developed for your Smart+ indoor bike which can be connected to the app via Bluetooth and can use your smartphone to show how well you are performing, displaying:

  • power/watts,

  • % FTP,

  • heart rate,

  • cadence,

  • distance and

  • calories burned

All in current, average, and maximum values.

There are even colour coordinated intensity zones, which makes it visually easier to determine if you’re in the correct zone. It’s a motivating display of data intended for all indoor cyclists riding the Body Bike Smart+. It is also easier for the instructor to guide a class and construct a target training experience for the entire group.


Body Bike respects your right to privacy therefore they do not collect your data. It’s all yours.

Your bike. Your ride. Your phone. Your data.

Storage of training data, personal settings, etc. will only be stored on the user's own device. That means when you download Body Bike Indoor Cycling App it is ready to use, no account is needed. But, it also means that if you delete the app, your data will be lost. Therefore, we recommend that you use the built-in upload to Strava function when you need to save or transfer your data.


After a workout, you can upload your complete performance, with distance and speed, to your Strava account. (The function "Upload to Strava" can be found under the workout you want to upload.)


And finally, here are the features that the Body Bike App as for you:

  • Easy Bluetooth connection to Body Bike® Smart+

  • Keep track of your indoor cycling workouts. All workouts are saved in the app

  • Upload your complete performance data to your Strava account

  • Colour intensity zones make it visually easy to instruct and follow a workout

  • Find your FTP with the easy 5-minute FTP test

  • Take the VO2 max test to determine your VO2 max and FTP

  • Switch between POWER, %FTP and %MHR by tapping the gauge

  • Become the best and earn medals in the achievement system

  • Compatible with Bluetooth heart rate monitors

  • Metric and imperial units

  • Multiple languages


  • Simplified workout overview

  • A total view of all your live data

  • New intensity zone overview; get a detailed percentage of time spent in each zone in your workout

  • Choose between five invigorating colours

  • Two new levels and more requirements in the achievement system

  • The medal period is now one week


If you have any questions regarding Body Bike's Intelligence Cycling App please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you want you can find a quick guide to the Body Bike Indoor Cycling App here and the Privacy Policy here.

Here you can buy your very own Body Bike Smart+ to connect to this amazing new app.


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