COVID-19 Announcement

With the onset of 'lockdown' and the social isolation measures being taken, we at WKG Sports are doing our best to protect you, our customers, and our employees.

It's vitally important that we all try and maintain a good level of fitness whilst being shut at home - both for our mental health (cabin fever is a real and present danger), and our physical health (to offset the additional couch-time we're all experiencing).

We're striving to continue to deliver our service to you, stuck at home, by providing great home gym equipment, delivered in a safe and hygienic manner.

(Credit: Shayanne Gal/Business Insider)


  • All of our equipment is stored in large warehouses with little human contact
  • We only work with warehouses who provide their workers with masks, gloves, and other protective equipment
  • Gym equipment is primarily packed in cardboard and is sealed - there is no human contact with the contents of the packaging


    • All deliveries are carried out by personnel who wear masks and gloves during the loading and offloading of equipment
    • During this period, deliveries are made to 'curbside' only - meaning that the equipment in its packaging is delivered to the closest road-accessible entrance to your property. This ensures that both you and our personnel can maintain the prescribed physical distance, and at no point do we touch or enter your home
    • You are able to move and dispose of the equipment packaging using whatever precautions you are most comfortable with
    • All delivery arrangements regarding timings and locations will be agreed with you by phone beforehand


    Hopefully this information provides you with some reassurance as to the lengths we are going to ensure both your and our safety in this time, whilst still providing you access to the home gym equipment you want to keep fit whilst in isolation.

    If you have any questions, please do contact us, we'd be happy to help!



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