Keeping your gym safe

As a gym owner not only do you need to think about whether your gym has up-to-date equipment, but also whether that equipment is safe to use. You don’t want people having accidents because your equipment is not set up securely. You can secure your equipment either by bolting it down to the floor or onto a platform. The choice is yours to make. So, what equipment do you need to bolt down?


Well, to be safe and sure, power racks (and most other racks) should be bolted securely to the floor so it doesn’t move about. But you might be thinking that a structure so large and heavy doesn’t need to be secured down, but you are mistaken. If you’re using heavy weights and slamming down bars and equipment, you will find that even large structures can move.


This leads me to another reason why these structures need to be secured to the floor – they can topple over. Having equipment bolted down will ensure that the legs of the equipment piece are always connected to the floor. This will, of course, mean that the equipment will stay put. Despite their large size, it is still possible that these racks and rigs can topple over, especially when doing pull-ups, callisthenics or slamming down heavy weights on one side (or other similar exercises). This can happen because, as you add more weights to your rack, the centre of gravity can shift, thus making the unit more likely to tip over.

Equipment can shift about for many reasons, they can still move even if you’re only using resistance bands or simply using the structure to lean on while doing stretches – yes, it can still slide. If you’re a gym owner, it is imperative that you create a safe workout environment. You don’t want people injuring themselves where you can help it. Be sure to bolt down racks and rigs to prevent them from sliding about, and when in doubt you can always contact our expert team here for any further questions.



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